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Post by Avaron on Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:10 pm

Fairy Tail Revolution

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the community, and thank you for taking the time to immerse yourself in a world of fun. While you are reading through the guidelines, the staff will always be around to give you extra assistance for when you need a little more help with understanding the systems. Be sure to read through all of the rules carefully! I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the RP.

| Basic Rules |

Whether you like it, or hate it, there are rules that need to be followed as you post on these forums. Listed below are important articles that are to be followed accordingly. Be aware that it is very possible for some new additions to be made since this is a developing forum, and it is still being improved. I trust that all members will abide by these rules-- if not, then there is a strong possibility of punishment. Now, please read below to see what must be followed.

1. Plagiarism - Very much like other forums, plagiarism is highly frowned upon and can result in serious trouble if it is committed. Work that is done must be by your own hand and completely relevant to what you intend on posting. If you are caught by any member of the staff, or reported by another member, it is to be expected that you might be banned from this forum. 

2. Spam - In any kind of topic, and especially in the Chat, spamming is not welcome. Neither staff, nor members, are permitted to spam any kind of material. If you are trying to catch someone's attention, send only one message and wait for a response. Spamming of private messages may result in a temporary suspension. Be considerate in what you do.

3. Applications - When you have made, or are making, an application in any of the specific areas, be sure that you are posting them in the correct location. If you mix up the apps, then it might result in it getting deleted and lost forever. And, make sure you include all of the relevant information needed for it to be approved. If you want to use something in the RP, then you need to have put in some effort.

4. Combat & Invasions - Combat in the RP can happen at any time, so be wary when you are posting in a topic. The same goes for invasions, but both can be avoided if you specify in your topic title how your RP is going down. If you do not want to be killed or kill anyone, simply put [no kill] or [private/no kill] in the title to let everyone know. Under certain circumstances, however, having these options may be void. An example being an event or an arc, which may have an effect on the whole RP or just parts of it. You might be invaded or forced into battle; it all depends on the situation.

5. OOC Knowledge - After exploring other forums, I have found this to be a very touchy thing when it is shown in an RP. There are times when someone uses knowledge from an "Out of Character" point of view and puts it in an "In Character" situation. You absolutely cannot use information that you got from outside of the RP to use in your favor. If you do this sort of thing, you will either be ignored or your post will be automatically deleted; thus, forcing you to restart and make a fair post.

6. Death - To prevent any complaining or whining in the RP, I'm letting you know that it is possible for your character to die. You can die during an arc, an event, or when someone tries to kill you and they succeed. If your current character does die, then you cannot make them again and expect to just start again with them. You'll have to make an entirely different RP character if you want to continue.

7. Thread Limit - The limiting of threads prevents massive clumping of unfinished threads, which is why we have this rule here. If you do not want to continue on in a thread and want to move on to a new one, make an exiting post (while still acknowledging what is going on in the thread you are leaving) to depart to something else.

8. Alternate Characters - I know that some of you out there, or even most of you, appreciate having the option of having multiple characters. We do allow you to have an alternate character when you want to either take a break from your other one, or it has been eliminated. However, you must abide by the rules of having a second RP character. However, you must abide by the rules of having a second RP character. Your Alt cannot be from the same guild, have the same abilities or story, nor can you have the two in the same RP thread. Finally, to create your Alt, you need to make a second account with us.

*Currently, each member has a limit of 3 characters.

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General Rules Empty Re: General Rules

Post by Rania on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:20 pm

Chat Box Rules

The chat box is a place used to communicate easily with your fellow forum members, as well as have a bit of fun out of character with random humor and what have you. However, as with all things in life, there are rules. Follow these set of guidelines and I'm sure you'll have an optimal time using the chat box and all of its features!

  • Of course, with all communication, comes the respect aspect. Everyone here is attempting to accomplish the same thing; To have fun RP'ing with their fellow members. That being said, being mean, starting drama, and other things of the like is wrong. Try and keep the chat box friendly, and if you're not fond of someone, then as the old saying goes - "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

  • Please keep the chat clean of all vulgarity. Yes, there are going to be older folks who can handle such speech, but there will always be the younger members that should not be subjected to such language. Offenses will be granted with a warning, followed by a temporary kick, and then ban. This rule also applies to the use of sexual innuendos and other euphemisms.

  • No spamming in the chat, this includes excessive use of caps lock. This also includes multi-posting in excess without any real reason to. (There's no reason for you to send one word messages in the chat box multiple times in a row to write a sentence.) Of course, this rule is mod's discretion since everyone has their own quirks. (Though, do please report abuse of powers if you feel a situation was handled incorrectly, and we will have the situation looked at thoroughly.

  • If you must post a link that redirects to any site other than this one, please do so in a spoiler. Otherwise, the spoiler is not needed for any link that resides within FTR.

     [spoiler] Link Here [/spoiler]

  • Refrain from arguing with any moderators in the chat. If you believe you are being treated unfairly for any reason, bring it to any higher-ups such as the Global Mod (Myself) Or Miss Admin herself (Avaron) and we will deal with it accordingly.

  • No advertising other sites within the chat box, there is a thread at the bottom of the homepage for that. Simple.

Rania is based god. Remember that.

Follow all these simple rules and I'm sure you'll have a fun time using the chat box.~

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