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Post by Rania on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:27 am

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Guild Name: Twilight Ogre

Guild Type: Legal

Location: Fiore

Guild History: Around 100 years ago, Twilight Ogre was the new guild that represented Magnolia.Twilight Ogre forced Fairy Tail to make payments to them every month for their previous help of keeping Fairy Tail going after their collapse a hundred year ago. After the reconstruction of Fairy Tail, a representative from Fairy Tail went to the guild to discuss the repayment that Fairy Tail owed them. Unfortunately for Twilight Ogre, this meant repaying back all the abuse the guild had heaped onto the remnants of Fairy Tail 100 years ago, causing a battle inside the guild hall. Nowadays, they are functioning like a normal guild while their relationship with Fairy Tail is severed.

Regulations: Must be Light-aligned characters. Dark mages are instantly kicked and banned from the guild.

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