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Post by Electric on Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:35 am

Hello ~

In this thread, I want to discuss something.

  • Some of the guilds are done. About 5 more to go. You may check the information if you want.
  • There are several non-guild there such as Wizard Saint and Magic Council. (For Magic Council, I think it will be separated into something different, not included in the guild boards, maybe put somewhere in the rules or lore section? Anyway, I changed several data, for example, the "Guild Type" section, I insert "Organization" as the type. etc)
  • Are you sure you want to include some disbanded or non-existing guilds too? It's crowded but I know you guys have an idea. There are few obstacles to this, for example, Red Lizard that resided in Tenrou Island. Of course, they should move aout already as Tenrou Island is the place for Fairy Tail now (unless this is an Alternate-Universe RP). Because facts like this, the history part might be lacking, I hope either Avaron or Rania can help me with this, especially their locations. (e.g. Phantom Lord moved to Alvarez (even though they are disbanded already but you guys decided that they should be in Alvarez right now) )

Thank you ~


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Post by Rania on Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:04 am

Go ahead and make the non-guilds actual guilds. I will be implementing a limited ban for those guilds. Where only members who have had a character of high rank in the past will be able to apply for them with a new character under strict conditions. Give those guilds some sort of special buff to them for being special. I need a motivation for wanting to be in those guilds.

As for the non-existing one's or disbanded guilds, just get rid of them in that case. Or, if you so want (Since I can handle the load regardless of the amount of guilds) You can find a way to implement them in the story somewhere else (This is 100 years in the future after all, a lot can happen in 100 years, dear)

I will be going through and approving each guild that is completed later and moving them to their respective areas.

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