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Akumu, Baiko [WIP] 9a3795c8e16e704093fc1145789fa0e2
Name: Baiko Akumu
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthday: July 9th
Guild: Savage Skull
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Kingdom: Earth Kingdom (Fiore)
Class: D
Magic Element(s): Fire: C
Specialization(s): Dark Magic : C
Special Characteristics: You may check the list of special characteristics to help you fill out this field.

Akumu, Baiko [WIP] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vvcc2
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Black, shaggy, medium-length hair
Eyes: Black eyes, however when using magic, they glow red.
Others: The tattoo for his guild is on his arm in black.
General Appearance: He has a muscular look to his body. Around his eyes are pure black from sleeplessness as well as an enhanced darkening to make him look undead. He has a black tattoo of a skull on his forearm. He has extremely pale skin. There seems to be a black aura that surrounds him at all times. He wears a black shirt that seems to configure to his body. He wears a black trenchcoat that is usually buttoned three times, with the remaining buttons being left undone. He wears black pants that are held up with a black belt with a silver buckle. He has solid black leather gloves that fit closely to his hand, leaving little room between the material and his hands. He wears black shoes. They are not sneakers, but they are built comfortably to allow for a lot of walking with a lot of pressure to his feet.

Akumu, Baiko [WIP] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vvex6
Personality: He is cold and seemingly emotionless except for anger. He is a sadistic being, loving the pain and torture of others. He is highly intelligent, seemingly knowing when to retreat and when to fight. He likes to slowly torture his opponent and watch as his opponent is chopped to bits by his minions. He hates finishing a fight too soon. He also dislikes not killing his opponent. He is suspicious of everyone and everything that steps near him. He is very morbid in his beliefs and foundations. He is very protective over his beloved Asura, doing anything to protect her. She is his world. He worships the shinigami, the god of death. He tries to bring sacrifices to him when he can and prepares a circle of Cerberus whenever he wishes to pay tribute. He wishes to rebuild the village in his image. He is realistic in his thinking, knowing when to retreat and when to fight. He also know when things will end badly for all those near him. He is not known for showing mercy, unless it means that his victim will die faster. He is obsessive over the condition and well being of his collection.

He is non-conforming, preferring to make up his own rules than to follow the rules of another. The only exception is when the rules give him the advantage. He is vigilant, suspicious of everything. He is tough-minded and stubborn to his beliefs. He is self-reliant, sturdy, and able to take care of things on his own. He is self-disciplined and precise in his thinking. He is always aware and never caught of guard. He is intimidating to all who come near. He wants to instill a deep sense of fear with in all who come near him. He adapts to his situation, twisting it to make it favorable to him. He is blunt and straight forward. With the exception of his beloved Asura, he cares not for the feelings of others. He disregards any and all emotions coming from anyone else. He is resilient to all changes and refuses to step aside from his rooted ways. He is confident in his abilities and very egotistical. He believes to be better than most every ninja on the planet. He believes himself to be the best at everything he does and never debates with anyone. His last few "debates" ended with the person getting every limb chopped off his body and boiled alive. He is very strategic, going into every battle with a plan as to every situation that will ever happen, including those that have a one percent chance. He is brilliant and quick thinking, able to think on his feet. He is able to do most anything he wishes based on his will and determination and complete stubbornness.  This however changes in the presence of Asura. He does as Asura wishes, no matter what she desires.
Likes: He loves killing people, making a bit of sport out of it. He tries to build a collection with all the best specimens of skeletons. He builds the collection from people he kills, whether it is through assassinations or through just random merciless killing. He makes sure that his Asura is protected at all costs. There is nothing that pleases him more than hearing his Asura’s voice. She is the only one that can stop him from killing someone. If he does not hear her, then he will continue to kill and ravage without cause or concern. He loves to make sure that his opponent is in as much pain as possible.
Dislikes: He hates to end a fight sooner than needed. He will continue the fight until he is sure that the opponent has suffered enough. If he ends the fight too soon, then he will find someone else to fight and kill so that they may suffer and so that he can punish them for both their and his last opponent’s missing misery. He will ensure that the next opponent feels the pain of both battles. He doesn’t like flowers for some bizarre reason. Whenever he sees them, he will merely stamp them out, causing Asura to hide some flowers for herself. This is so that she can enjoy them without worrying about her husband.
Fears: He fears losing his beloved Asura. For this goal, he will make sure that no one touches her and that no one can get near her besides himself. He will protect and fight without care for his own safety if he feels necessary. He fears the situation getting too far out of his control. While it will not debilitate or stop him in his tracks, he will become slightly unsure of himself until he remembers Asura or the Shinigami. He also fears koalas. There is no rhyme or reason to this. There is no explanation to this either. He just happens to fear koalas.
Inspirations: He is motivated by his desire for Asura, as well as by the desire to protect her. He will do what is necessary to keep his darling safe. He is also motivated by his want to add to his collection. He will do whatever it takes to get special skeletons, like destroy an entire village to get the mayor’s skeleton. He will do what he wants and when he wants to make sure his goals are achieved. He is also motivated by the Shinigami, the death god that protects him and gives him the will to move forward. He continues his goals and keeps fighting no matter what happens.
Akumu, Baiko [WIP] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vvcv5
History: The history behind your character. Tell about where they came from and how they became who they are now. Experiments conducted may not affect the character's abilities, only the cosmetics. Items from the character history may not be started out with in the RP, unless a pre-made characteristic allows for it. This field must be a minimum of 400 words.

RP Sample: Here, give us an idea of how you will be RPing with us. The sample must be related to the character you are making, and it cannot include any canon characters. It's advised that this field be a minimum of 250 words.

Face Claim: Hei – Darker than Black
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