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Post by Electric on Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:09 am

Electric, Shin [wip] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vv2z1
Name: Shin Electric
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: (Day and Month)
Guild: Put the name your mage is in. Either one of the canon guilds listed for you, or a guild of your own making.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Kingdom: Fire Kingdom
Class: D
Magic Element(s): Lightning - C
Specialization(s): Caster Magic - C; Swords - D
Special Characteristics: You may check the list of special characteristics to help you fill out this field.

Electric, Shin [wip] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vvcc2
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Onyx
Others: Guild Mark on the back
General Appearance: Shin is a fair-skinned mage who has distinctive onyx eyes and black chin-length hair. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that grow longer as his age changes. Sometimes, the bang would hang on both sides of his face too roughly frame his cheeks. Shin is a tall man, standing at 5”10”, he was the tallest in his family. He has a muscular body because a lot of trainings. He consistently wears a white long-sleeved shirt, and the shirt is open at the torso. He wears dark blue pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees along with black arm guards that covered his forearms and stretched up to reach his upper biceps. He also wore a purple rope belt around his waist, tied in a bow, in which he carries his sword. He sometimes accompanies his cloth with a black cloak draped over his shoulders. During his battle days, he wears high-collared short-sleeved light blue shirts. He has his guild mark on his back.

Electric, Shin [wip] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vvex6
Personality: How your character behaves in public and in other general situations. This field must be a minimum of 200 words.
Likes: At least three things that your character is fond of. This field must be a minimum of 100 words.
Dislikes: At least three things your character isn't fond of. This field must be a minimum of 100 words.
Fears: A list of at least three things your character finds frightening. This field must be a minimum of 100 words.
Inspirations: A list of at least three things your character is motivated and inspired by. This field must be a minimum of 100 words.
Electric, Shin [wip] Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9vvcv5
History: The history behind your character. Tell about where they came from and how they became who they are now. Experiments conducted may not affect the character's abilities, only the cosmetics. Items from the character history may not be started out with in the RP, unless a pre-made characteristic allows for it. This field must be a minimum of 400 words.

RP Sample: Here, give us an idea of how you will be RPing with us. The sample must be related to the character you are making, and it cannot include any canon characters. It's advised that this field be a minimum of 250 words.

Face Claim: Sasuke - Naruto


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