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Post by Rania on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:15 am

Sabertooth Latest?cb=20130930171743

Guild Name: Sabertooth

Guild Type: Legal

Location: Fiore

Guild History: In X784, Sabertooth wasn't a powerful or famous guild. However, during the seven years following the disappearance of the core members of Fairy Tail after the events of Tenrou Island, Sabertooth gained a new master, and soon after recruited five strange yet very powerful Mages into its ranks: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Rufus Lore, Orga Nanagear and Minerva Orland. Their presence dramatically increased Sabertooth's strength, eventually making it the number one guild in Fiore. However, since those events, old members passed and new members arose, the guild has fallen into hiding, most likely in attempt to conceal something of importance.

Regulations: Must be light-aligned characters. No dark mages are allowed.

Members: TBA

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